Mercedes F1 is a team with a difficult history, which began in the 20s of the last century. In 1923, in the future, the mega-giant of the automotive industry, and then a small company began to take part in the Grand Prix races. In 1954, the loud debut of Mercedes-Benz in the royal competition. Two years the team was successful, but in 1955 it was decided to leave Formula 1. Since 1994, the concern has participated in races as an honorary supplier of engines, and since 2010, Mercedes has returned to Formula 1 Olympic with the legendary Michael Schumacher, already seven times champion. Interesting facts about the team:

  • the average annual mileage of the “motor leader” is almost twice as large as that of Red Bull and Lotus – many experts claim that the engine manufacturer has no equal in Stuttgart;
  • current Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton came in 2012 to replace Michael Schumacher, who left the team and announced his retirement;
  • Concern Mercedes supplied the engines of such royal racing teams as Sauber, McLaren, Force India and Brown GP (the latter, thanks to this, won the world championship in both offsets).

Despite the fact that for many years Mercedes has been supplying engines for Formula 1 cars, as an independent stable it has very modest experience. For the first time the team “Mercedes” appeared among the participants of the Formula 1 championship in 1954. Moreover, the composition of the “silver arrows” was very solid, which is only worth the transition from the “Maserati” world champion in 1951, Juan-Manuel Fangio. In the first race, Fangio and Karl Kling won the first two places, and another Mercedes driver, Hans Herrman, set the best lap. At the end of the season Fangio won three more victories and deservedly became a world champion.

The following season, Mercedes continued to dominate: Fangio won three times in Argentina, Belgium and the Netherlands, and his partner Stirling Moss in the UK. However, this season was the last for Mercedes. The reason for this was a terrible accident on the “24 hours of Le Mans, when the pilot of the Mercedes Pierre Leveg and more than eighty spectators were killed. The concern decided to completely stop its performance in motor racing. Only since 1995, Mercedes has once again resumed cooperation with Formula 1, becoming the supply of engines for the McLaren team. And in late 2009, it was announced that the concern “Mercedes-Benz” redeems the championship team, “Brown”, while leaving its founder Ross Brown head of the team. Despite the fact that Mercedes has become the successor of the champion car, the German stable has not managed to fight for the title of the best team.

The season of 2010, Mercedes started very well, especially Nico Rosberg, who managed twice in a row to be in third place at the end of the stages in Malaysia and China. But the experienced Michael Schumacher was already far from as fast as he was in the “Ferrari”. Nevertheless, Mercedes finished its first season in the final fourth position. Contrary to the hopes of the fans, the team’s results did not improve after a year. On the contrary, “Mercedes” has already ceased to fall on the podium, and gatherings began to happen much more often. Despite the fact that the German stable also ended the season in fourth place, Mercedes scored a lot in comparison with the previous season. In 2012, Mercedes won fifth place in the Constructors’ Championship, losing 161 points to Lotus. Such a statement was considered nightmarish and rumors about a possible dissolution of the team. But, fortunately, this did not happen. In 2013, one of the most controversial Formula 1 transitions in the 21st century happened. Lewis Hamilton decided to move to the “Mercedes” from “McLaren”. German stable made a serious step forward, becoming the main competitor of the “Red Bull”. Rosberg managed to win two years, and Hamilton – one.

At the end of the season, the management of Mercedes received shocking news. Having won the champion title Nico Rosberg announced the early termination of his sports career. The team had to urgently look for a new pilot, and the choice of bosses fell on Valtteri Bottas from the Williams team, who was contracted for 1 year, for which he had to prove himself from the best side in order to get a long-term contract and continue to perform in pair with Lewis Hamilton, who remains the team leader.

In 1954, the company Mercedes presents its new development – chassis Mercedes-Benz W196. The novelty was that in addition to the usual type of racing car with open wheels, the company introduced the same type of car, but with closed wheels. This design was called Stromlinien (or “Type of Monza”). The model Mercedes-Benz W196 Str performed well on races, but was not as effective on the tracks with slow corners. Therefore, both chassis models participated in both seasons. The Daimler Benz AG team was represented by two leading pilots of the mid-century: Juan-Manuel Fangio and a year later, Stirling Moss. The year 1955 turned out to be very productive for the team: the victory followed the victory. Fangio turned out to be the champion on points, and Moss finished second. However, at this first stage of participation in Formula One racing for Mercedes was over. The return did not happen soon – only in the second decade of the second millennium.

New round

Until 2010, Mercedes participated in the race indirectly, working with McLaren, and only in 2010, the company announced that, after buying out the Brawn GP team, it is returning to the sport. The main pilots are Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher. When Schumacher resigned in 2012, he was replaced by Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 champion. Using incredibly powerful cars, the Mercedes F1 W04 in 2013 and the Mercedes F1 W05 in 2014, the team was able to win second place in the 2013 constructors’ championship, and in 2014 produce an incredible result – 6 races won in a row, starting with the first – Grand Prix with Australia.

At the moment, the car Mercedes F1 W05 is the pinnacle of the technical development of Formula 1. Its visual appeal should not be overlooked: solved in silver-green tones, it looks stylish and aggressive at the same time. You should think that on this triumph Mercedes will not only end, but will gain momentum.

The best time in the history of the team – season 2014: the star season of Mercedes AMG Petronas in the “Formula 1”

The results of the Formula 1 team Mercedes AMG Petronas F Team in the 2014 season do not cease to please the fans. Infrequently, the advantage of one team over the rest is so indisputable throughout the entire championship. All 9 stages passed Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton consistently occupy the first and second places! Entertainment and excitement to the competition gives the rivalry of the pilots of the Mercedes team on the race tracks. Nico Rosberg won the Australian Grand Prix, Monaco and Austria. His team mate Lewis Hamilton came first to the finish line in Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Spain and the UK. Hamilton’s win at Silverstone was for him the fifth of the season. Rosberg with three wins continues to lead in the championship, but the gap between the partners in the Mercedes was reduced to four points.

At the ninth stage of the “Formula 1″ British Grand Prix, Lewis achieved an amazing result, although for Nico the race turned into disappointment. Despite the fact that the German pilot team Mercedes won the qualification, held on the track at Silverstone in the rain, in the race Nico fizzled out for the first time this season because of problems with the gearbox. In his interview, Rosberg noted: “All that remains is to admit that this happens sometimes, and we need to work further with the team to figure out what went wrong. I’m disappointed, we could have a great battle with Lewis, but I congratulate him on his victory. Now we are going to Germany, we have the fastest car, and I look forward to the home race.”

Niko’s disappointment did not prevent the final leadership of the Mercedes team in the Grand Prix. This day was joyful for the management and fans of the team, not only because of the excellent result of Lewis, but also thanks to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the team’s first victory with Juan-Manuel Fangio. The success of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F Team in 2014 is well deserved. This season new rules appeared in the championship, and with them new engines, new gearboxes and new electronic brakes and generally new cars. In this case, the Mercedes pilots finished in first place in eight races which can rightly be considered an outstanding result. The management of the company notes that the team members managed to work perfectly in all directions, since to achieve overwhelming success after the appearance of completely new rules is not an easy task.

The Mercedes team presented their victorious race cars of 2014 sample back in January at the Jerez circuit. The new car F1 W05, which led the pilots to the leaders, is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz PU106A hybrid power plant, which includes a turbocharged V6 internal combustion engine with a 1.6-liter working volume, as well as generators that accumulate braking energy. Mercedes-Benz PU106A engines are used by Mercedes, McLaren, Force India and Williams’s teams this season whereas Red Bull, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Caterham equipped their race cars with the Renault Sport Energy F1-2014 engine. Ferrari hopes for good results with Ferrari 059/3 engines, which are also installed on the cars of Marussia and Sauber.

The season of Formula 1 is not over yet and therefore Niko and Lewis have the opportunity not only to keep the advantage of the Mercedes team, but also to please the fans with personal victories in the fight for the champion title. The closest German Grand Prix at Hockenheimring promises to demonstrate a hot fight filled with emotion and adrenaline between Mercedes pilots, as well as between other participants who want to be on the podium of the winners.

One of the best pilots

No. 6 Nico Rosberg

Niko’s childhood literally passed on the map: his father is 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg. The driver does not like comparisons with the eminent parent and believes that he has achieved quite good success only by his work. Rosberg moved to the BMW Formula Championship having started to train hard at the age of 11 in 2002. In 2010, as part of the Mercedes team, Niko managed to finish on the podium three times and beat his renowned team-mate Michael Schumacher in all respects. Rosberg speaks Italian, German, French and English. In his youth, the driver seriously thought of becoming a professional tennis player.

№ 44 Lewis Hamilton

Lewis is considered one of the best riders of our time. Hamilton is the winner of numerous awards, two-time world champion (2008 and 2014). He became the first black pilot of the royal races and the youngest pilot to receive a guaranteed place in Formula 1. The parents named the racer Lewis in honor of the American athlete Carl Lewis. Hamilton loves to play the guitar – he even recorded 12 of his own songs. A racer is very superstitious, like many athletes: hugging his family members before the start is his obligatory ritual.

Successes and innovations from the team

In the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the new Formula 1 team Silver Arrows MERCEDES GP PETRONAS was presented. The presentation was attended by the leading pilot of the new team, Nico Rosberg, as well as team managers: Ross Brown, Nick Fry and Norbert Haug, who answered questions from journalists at the subsequent press conference. The presentation, which was attended by more than 600 guests, among whom were about 200 press representatives and the same number of employees of Mercedes-Benz, took place in one of the largest and most famous automobile museums in the world, and in addition to presenting the new team to the general public, the demonstration Silver Arrow solutions. Among the guests were employees of Mercedes-Benz from the factories of Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen, one hundred of which invitations were presented for outstanding achievements, another hundred won invitation cards in a regular online quiz.