Mercedes F1 news: Team “Formula 1” “Mercedes” for the fifth time in a row won the Constructors’ Championship

The winner of the Brazilian Grand Prix became the driver of the Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, who earlier won the title of champion of the 2018 season ahead of time. The German team of the world championship in auto racing in the class of cars “Formula 1” Mercedes won the Constructors’ Championship in the 2018 season. The last but one race in the season was held – the Brazilian Grand Prix. Victory won her racer “Mercedes” Briton Lewis Hamilton, who won two weeks ago, his fifth league title. The second place in the race was taken by the Dutch Red Bull team driver Max Verstappen, the third – the Finnish Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton’s teammate Finn Valtteri Bottas finished fifth. The asset of the Mercedes is now 620 points, the nearest pursuer, the Italian team Ferrari, has 553 points. For the remaining stage, the pilots of the Italian team will be able to score a maximum of 43 points, so they lost the chance of a trophy. Mercedes won the Constructors’ Championship for the fifth time in a row. The largest number of titles in the Ferrari account is 16.

Mercedes F1 team extended the winning streak at the Grand Prix of Russia

The victory of Briton Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes team finished the fifth in the history of the Russian stage of the world car racing championship in the class of Formula 1 cars. Four-time world champion for the third time rose to the highest step of the podium at the Russian Grand Prix. The previous four races at the Sochi Autodrome were won by Mercedes pilots – Hamilton was twice the best, having once completed his career German Nico Rosberg and Finn Valtteri Bottas, who won his first career victory last year. This time the Finn won the qualification and was considered the main contender for winning the race.

However, in the middle of the distance, the Mercedes team decided to intervene in what was happening on the track and asked Bottas to skip ahead leading the fight for the title of Hamilton, who at that time beat off the attacks of the main rival in the German championship Sebastian Vettel. Finn meekly obeyed the orders of his superiors, after which the Briton calmly brought the matter to victory, increasing the lead over Vettel in the championship to 50 points.

To Hamilton’s credit, he did not celebrate his victory and thanked the partner for the teamwork. “Valtteri worked fantastically this weekend, he’s a real gentleman,” Hamilton said. “Usually we are very excited about the winning double, but I can understand how difficult this situation is for Valtteri. He deserved to win, but we as a team are fighting for the championship”.

Pain of Sirotkin

The first career stage of the career for the only representative of Russia in the “royal races” Sergey Sirotkin was unfortunate. Form “Williams” in the current season does not allow the team pilots to fight for the top places. In Sochi, this situation has not changed. In the qualification, Sirotkin and Canadian Lance Stroll showed the 18th and 20th results, respectively, however, because of the penalties of the rivals, they started in the 13th and 14th races. After qualifying, Sirotkin told reporters that if a successful start is achieved, he will have a chance to compete for points in the race. However, this did not happen – Stroll in the race took 15th place, and Sirotkin was the last one to finish – 18th.

Wolff: Lewis – an important component of the success of the team

For six years of performances in Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton won four titles. Executive Director of the team Toto Wolff always admired him and said that it can only be compared with Michael Schumacher, the most successful driver in Formula 1 history. Toto Wolff “Along with Michael, Lewis is the best racer I have ever seen, but we will understand this only when he completes his career.” As a rule, we do not appreciate anyone’s success, as long as this person continues to speak. In the past, many riders died or ended their careers, but no one said: “This is an amazing guy, and we are witnesses of his incredible performances.” It seems to me that we should appreciate all this while they are chasing.

I am impressed with how Lewis developed as a person. He became one of the important components of the victories of the team, and this is rarely seen in the racing environment: the driver often complains about the team than praises her, and Lewis admires the team. We are extremely honest with each other. If something goes wrong, we will hold a meeting and say what exactly was done wrong. All this helps us to perform better, and Lewis treats this exactly as it should.”

Toto Wolff: Lewis must be constantly busy

Last year, the car Mercedes for the first time in a long time was not the fastest from the beginning of the season, but the team still won both titles. In many ways, this result was made possible thanks to Lewis Hamilton. Executive Director of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff suggested that he knows the secret of the five-time champion. Toto Wolff: “Unfortunately, Hamilton has no magic button – otherwise he would use it every weekend. However, he always performs well. We have seen it before, and everyone else noticed it, for example, in last year’s qualification in Hungary or in a race in Germany – in difficult conditions even highly professional racers can lose concentration.

Lewis is very attentive to his condition. For example, last year, between races in Monza and Singapore, he went first to Shanghai and then to New York. We were concerned about this, but he came to Singapore in excellent psychological form. Apparently, the main thing for him is to be constantly busy. ”

Wolff: Achieving victory, we remain modest

The dominance of Mercedes in Formula 1 continues from the very beginning of the “hybrid era”, although in recent times it has not been so unambiguous. Last season, Ferrari also had chances of winning the championship, but for one reason or another they could not use them in the Italian team, although on many tracks their car seemed to be the fastest. The head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff drew attention to the difference in approaches to the case, which are used in his team and in Ferrari.

“Part of our natural approach is that when we are trying to achieve victories, we try to remain modest,” says the Austrian. – We do not take victories for granted; we do not perceive them as something obvious or something to which we definitely have the right. We do not go to the next stage of the championship; After all, if in some races the second place turned out to be the maximum result that could really be achieved, and we gave it all our best, I take it calmly. I think that this is the main difference between us and Ferrari: they have such an attitude that any result other than victory is not good enough. They are obliged to win, and the second place is a defeat, even if they have done everything in their power.” According to Wolff, this circumstance played a role last year, when the strength of the two teams were about equal, but the victory in the championship eventually went to Mercedes again – for the fifth time in a row.

Hamilton – the most popular racer in social networks

If to judge the popularity of teams in social networks is quite simple – all have official accounts, then with the racers it’s not so simple. Someone fundamentally refuses to communicate in social networks, like Sebastian Vettel, someone invites large agencies as partners, like Lewis Hamilton, and someone just leads his Instagram. This table uses statistics only official accounts, conducted on behalf of the riders. Some of them are temporarily abandoned – from the pilots who have replaced the team, or from Robert Kubica. With the start of the season, the activity in social networks will improve, and the statistics will certainly change, but for now it is like that. Instagram accounts have all the pilots, according to the number of subscribers in this network, we made a rating.

Paddy Lowe: Mercedes has the right approach

Racefans quotes Williams technical director Paddy Lowe, who worked for Mercedes for several years and is confident that the champion team has not lost motivation after another title. Paddy Lowe: “It’s always hard to maintain enough motivation to keep winning if you’ve already done so. We encountered this problem even when I worked in this team, but Mercedes has the right approach, they will be very strong again. We saw it last year. Two riders of the two best teams fought for the title, in which both sides laid out as much as possible – and in the end the rivals lost. Mercedes is a great team. I know how good they are. It will be difficult for any opponent to beat Mercedes.”