Every year, a survey about best of Mercedes F1 drivers is conducted, which resulted in the formation of a dozen of the best peloton riders. Participants vote score points on the principle of 25 to 1 (as in the F1 scoring system). In this case, all the voices are kept secret. For the fifth time in a row, according to the results of the voting, Lewis Hamilton became the winner, who won the fifth title in F1, winning the 11 Grand Prix in the 2018 season. Eight of nine team leaders voted for him. Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula 1 driver, a Mercedes driver. Eight-year-old Lewis won the karting youth championship and has since scored one victory after another. At ten years old, after another triumph, the boy had the courage to ask for an autograph from Ron Dennis, the chief of the McLaren team in Formula 1 racing, at the same time declaring that he would soon get behind the wheel of his car. Dennis smiled at the arrogant lad, gave an autograph and said that they would certainly meet in 9 years. So it happened.

Lewis Hamilton

At the age of twelve, Hamilton won the award in the Junior Yamaha racing series, for which he was honored to participate in a special support program for young McLaren Mercedes riders. This was followed by participation and victories in the series Intercontinental A, Formula A, Formula Super A. In 1998, Lewis met again with Ron Dennis, taking a well-deserved place in the McLaren team, and three years later the guy was fortunate to participate in card racing in the company of Michael Schumacher and earn the highest rating and approval of the renowned rider.

In 2007, Lewis Hamilton made his debut in Formula 1 competitions as part of the McLaren Mercedes team. His partner was the Spaniard Fernando Alonso, a more experienced and adult racer. For some time the men worked harmoniously, but soon the ambitious Lewis surpassed his colleague, which caused conflicts between the pilots. These disagreements were the reason for the numerous attacks on Hamilton by Alonso fans, who were frankly racist. Fernando himself openly condemned the actions of his fans, but the irreconcilable rivalry between the leading race drivers remained. Hamilton’s biography as a Formula 1 car pilot is full of bright victories and unexpected turns. To some extent, Lewis himself provokes conflicts with other riders and team members, not disdaining prohibited practices.

In contrast to the strained relations with Fernando Alonso, Hamilton has a strong friendship with Nico Rosberg although for the past few years these two pilots of the Mercedes team have been the closest rivals in the fight for the champion title. In 2016, Rosberg finally walked around on points of Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton: This is an incredible story!

In Mexico, Lewis Hamilton finished fourth and won the title ahead of schedule – the fifth in his career. Lewis Hamilton: “Now I have strange sensations. Thanks to the fans for making the Grand Prix of Mexico so special, and thanks to my team! Bono [the racing engineer] told me on the radio that the title was won not in this race, but thanks to the tremendous work at all the previous stages. I am immensely grateful to our staff at the base, our partners from Petronas, Epson, and Bose – to everyone! I cooperate with Mercedes from the age of 13, and to win five titles with them – as much as Mercedes won Fangio – it’s hard to believe! What about race? It turned out terrible! I started well and at first broke through – I do not understand what happened next. Tires behaved strangely, I do not understand the reason. Valtteri also had great difficulties with them. In the end, we just tried to get to the finish line. I am grateful to God and my family. Without the enormous efforts of my father, I would hardly have been in Formula 1. This is truly an incredible story! ”

Michael Schumacher – a man who doesn’t like champagne

“Probably the youngest German kart driver lives in Niderausem. His name is Michael Schumacher, and he is four years old. The little racer has been with his father for about four weeks in the karting club “Racing Friends of Count Berge von Trips”. The maximum speed of his self-made map is 45 km / h. It is built from parts of a pedal machine, and an engine from a moped is mounted on it … “- so the German newspapers wrote about the future seven-time world champion in 1973.

Now it seems strange that in all the works, large-scale or quite modest, dedicated to his biography, the researchers considered it their duty to emphasize that in his youth no one noticed in Michael signs of a future genius. In his youth, he was just very good, but not an outstanding racer. Truly his potential was revealed only in the course of his career, when he had already achieved something in motor sport. That homemade card was presented to little Michael for his four-year anniversary, but one cannot really say that he immediately plunged into the sport – it happened a little later, when it became clear that he was unlikely to be a tough football player.

But when Schumacher made his choice, if not the way of life, then at least his favorite activity, it became problematic to pull him out of the circuit. For example, in rainy weather, when most of their peers were sitting at home, he continued to cut circles stubbornly, and in addition he went in for equestrian sports in order to improve his sense of balance and to perfect his coordination of movements. However, the final decision to become a professional racer was made by Michael only in 1990 – about a year and a half before his historic debut in Formula 1 – when he began to play for the factory Mercedes team in the races of sport prototypes of the now defunct Group C.

Even before this, in the autumn of 1988, there was a meeting between the still very young Schumacher and Willie Weber, who then remained his manager and friend for many years. Some believe that it was by communicating and cooperating with Weber that Michael developed a quality in himself that could be called loyalty to a business partner or simply loyalty to loved ones. Perhaps that’s why Michael played only three teams in his Formula 1 career and spent several years in each team. Is that the debut race for Jordan does not fit into this rule, but that was a different story?

“I think this is why Michael went farther than all of us,” recalled Mika Salo, who more than once managed to outperform Schumacher in youth formulas. “He remained in teams for a long time and at the very early stages of his career in F1, he had the opportunity to fight for victory, his self-confidence was constantly growing, and as a result he became better as a racer.” Years later, being already a glorified champion, as if in memory of the early stages of his career, Michael said: “I always tell myself that somewhere there is someone much more talented than me, only he has never had the opportunity to prove himself. But I know that one day it will happen, it is inevitable, but I am ready for it.”

In chess, there are grandmasters, and in motor sport, it is possible to equate with this title those possessing the super license of the FIA. At one time, Schumacher said: “I see two areas that are similar in F1 and chess: tactics and overtaking. In both cases, you need to anticipate the behavior of the opponent and take him by surprise. However, I am not strong in chess, unlike Ross Brown – he is a true master. It’s very hard to beat him.” Michael still owns two Formula 1 records, which are difficult to beat – 91 Grand Prix victories and seven titles. During his career, this man just bathed in prize champagne, but the most surprising thing was that he could not stand the bubbly of champions and once admitted: “Actually, I hate champagne. Sometimes I drink it on the podium, but only because I am so happy that I don’t notice it. After the race there is nothing worse than champagne.”

Michael also believed that if you find a four-leaf clover, it will bring good luck: “When I walk around the field, I always look for such a clover. Most often, if I manage to find him, I am a good speaker in the next Grand Prix. So it was before, as I won the last two races of 2000, so I got the title, and Ferrari – the Cup of designers. However, luck does not come by itself. For this you need to work.”

January 3, Michael Schumacher turned 50 years old. And the best thing now is to recall the words of Ross Brown, said two years ago: “We all hope and pray that one day he will recover …”

Nico Rosberg

After the success of a capable boy, representatives of the German Formula BMW notice and offer a place in the team. Here Niko won the first Champion title at the age of 17. This triumph of the young rider also does not remain unnoticed, and before him opens the road to the Formula 3 Euro-series, in the division of which Rosberg senior has his own team. Niko becomes a Formula 3 pilot, but does not rise above the 4th place in the 2004 season. After graduating from aerodynamics courses at the Imperial College in London (2005), Nico Rosberg proceeds to the test race on the cars in the team “Williams F1”. The club management assessed the technical and professional skills of the rider, and the young man was approved for the position of chief pilot of “Williams F1”.

The debut of the athlete in the “Formula 1” was held in 2005. The first race in Bahrain did not bring the coveted success, as the car Rosberg collided with the car Mark Webber. Due to the replacement of the front wing pilot is forced to go to the box, losing a lot of time. Finishing seventh, he set a record for the speed of the lap. At the same time he became the youngest pilot of Formula -1, who managed it. In 2006, the season for a young athlete can be considered a failure, as due to frequent descent from the track for technical reasons, he took 17th place in the standings. The frank miscalculations of the designers “Williams” strongly disappointed Rosberg, and he even thought about moving to a stronger team.

The leadership of the club “McLaren” offered the driver a vacancy in his own team, but he succumbed to the entreaties and the profitable contract from “Williams” and remained in the same place. Also, the young man changes his partner. Now Alexander Wurz is playing with him, instead of Mark Webber. The victorious race of this season was the Grand Prix in Brazil, where the athlete came fourth. The following years from 2007 to 2010 can hardly be considered useful for Niko’s career. Slow car with poor technical characteristics simply did not allow the rider to unlock the potential. The best team result was a victory in Brazil, where “Williams” took the fourth place. The pilot was very upset by the constant malfunctions of his own car. Oil flowed out of the engine, then the gearbox jammed, the fuel unexpectedly ran out, and once even the engine explosion – all this had a negative effect on the time of the route.

Nico finally left the British stable in 2010 and signed a contract with Mercedes-Benz GP, which was formed on the basis of the Brawn GP team. The future champion is represented as the main pilot of the team. After a couple of months, Michael Schumacher, a seven-time world champion, becomes the German partner. Such a partner inspired the young fighter to accomplish feats. The first race in the overall standings ends with getting 7th place. Then the guy had everything to achieve his own goal: a high-speed car, a famous partner, talent and the desire to work hard and hard. It worked in the 2012 season, when Nico Rosberg won the first victory. In the Chinese Grand Prix earned the first pole, and the second podium in Monte Carlo. During the season, the young German got into the top ten of the strongest riders, ranking 9th in the standings.

2013 began for Rosberg unsuccessfully, as the car repeatedly went off the track, and the driver lost points. By the end of the season, the athlete equalized the results and took first place in Britain and Monaco. Now changed and partner. Schumacher’s place is occupied by Lewis Hamilton, who also intends to achieve the champion title.

A year later, in the “Formula 1” the rules were changed, according to which the riders now choose a permanent number. Niko chose the six, as this number brought victory not only to him, but also to his eminent father. At the beginning of the 2014 season Rosberg is in the lead, but towards the end of the year the positions of the forces gradually change, and the palm goes to Lewis Hamilton. This was the result of a collision with Lewis at the Grand Prix of Belgium. The situation mocks Nico, who finishes the fourteenth, being honored with the title of world vice-champion.

Juan Manuel Fangio. The incredible life of one of the best drivers in the history of motorsport

At the beginning of the 21st century, Michael Schumacher did what was considered impossible half a century, namely, equaling the number of titles with Fangio. Many consider him one of the best pilots in history, not only because of the skills of piloting the machine, but also because of the nature. Although there are exceptions, for example, Enzo Ferrari, who said what he said about him: “I first saw him at the Modena circuit in the spring of 1949, where he flew past a couple of times. Attracted by his unusual riding style, I began to watch him more closely. He was, perhaps, the only racer who, coming out of a turn, did not knock off the protective bales of hay from the outside edge. I said to myself: “This Argentinian knows the business. He flies out of a turn, like a projectile, and keeps to the right of the middle of the road.”

And in conversation, he avoided my gaze, replying in a monosyllabic voice with a still metallic voice, all the while keeping a mysterious expression on his face with a shadow of an uncertain smile curve. At this first meeting, I made two conclusions regarding Fangio: in a year he will be a world champion, and it will take me time to figure out his character. I was doubly mistaken: he did not become a champion in 1950, but a year later, I understood his character when it was already too late. Manuel Fangio remained in my memory as a kind of mystery. However, his skill on the track was undoubted. He combined unsurpassed intuition in respect of all the vicissitudes of the race with calculating, polemical intelligence, as well as self-reliance. Fangio was a really great racer, but he suffered persecution mania. A strange man was Fangio.”

Hard childhood

The future genius was born on June 24, 1911 in the Argentine city of Balkars. His relatives were immigrants from Italy and therefore the champion received a Spanish-Italian name. The first name “Juan” was given in honor of his patron (June 24 – St. Juan’s Day), and “Manuel” went on behalf of the King of Italy, Victor Emanuel the Third. The family was clearly not from the rich, and the young guy had already at the age of 11 to take up hard work. After receiving experience in the metalworking workshop, he after some time went to work in the auto repair shop. Thus, he was born a lifelong love for cars – the smell of parts was for him a kind of engine. At the age of 13, he got a job from a local dealer of the Studebbecker automobile company.

The task of Juan was the transportation of goods to nearby cities. Driving skills on difficult roads impressed the employer so much that he paid Fangio his salary for the year ahead. And the first four-wheeled love for the maestro was Overland. Unfortunately, in 1929, Juan got pneumonia and, due to the level of medicine of those years, he had to lie in bed for a year. After recovery, he served in the army and returned to his work with new forces. Also this was helped by the gift of the father – a small piece of land on which Juan could deploy his workshop. This place quickly became the center of attention and gathered many friends.

In 1936, when he was 25, Juan Manuel took part in races for the first time. The first race car was Ford 1929. Initially, it was a taxi, but Juan Manuel, along with his friends redid it – and it was possible to start in the race on the ground. In order to hide his participation in dangerous competitions from his parents, he spoke under the pseudonym “Rivadavia” – the name of the first President of Argentina. Fangio did not finish the race due to a breakdown, but at that moment the driver was in third position and was easily “taken to the pencil” by the local public.

First win, pole and title

Such an incredible performance of the pilot could not pass by Alfa Romeo. The Italian team for the first in the history of the world championship “Formula 1” has gathered a team of Galaxy. Farina and Fadzhioli became Argentine teammates. The trio was doomed to be seen at the first Grand Prix in history, which was held in the UK, but in the end it was our hero who fell out of the troika. The season of ups and downs began for Juan Manuel from the second – the car caught one of the haystacks that protected the track (there were no four rows of used tires at that time), and this damaged the radiator. Because of the overheating of the engine, he eventually got off.

In the next four races, Fangio scored three victories and ahead of the last Grand Prix ahead of Farin in the individual competition. The first of these victories was won in Monaco, where Fangio added a pole and the fastest lap to victory. The outcome of that race was largely decided on the first lap, when Tobacco turned in a massive dam. But, unfortunately for the Argentine, at the final race in Monza, he again met with technical problems and the title sailed away to the Italian. Fangio had an amazing achievement – in all the races where he finished, he won victories. The endurance of the equipment was decisive, but even here the Argentine was somewhat unlucky – at the Grand Prix in Belgium, Farina had problems on the last lap, and he still managed to get to the finish line and take three points.