Best battle: Vettel VS Hamilton

In 2018, the world of Formula 1 witnessed, perhaps the best in the history of the fight for the title. This is a statement by former McLaren pilot and Red Bull David Coulthard. David Coulthard: “This season we have one of the best battles for the title of champion in the past few years. Perhaps it will go down in history. Lewis and Sebastian are not just very fast and focused pilots, they are completely different characters. They have first-class team mates in the face of Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen. It is because of the strengths of the character they lead in their teams. Only after the end of the race in Abu Dhabi, we will be able to count the points and say who was more wrong, who was losing points, which could get more.

I think that they respect each other at a sporting level, although they are too different to be friends. “One thing is for sure: Formula 1 will get a new five-time champion this season. Until then, five or more titles were won only by Juan-Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton vs Vettel: what were the prerequisites and assumptions about who will become the five-time champion?

Until the end of the 2018 World Cup, there were 6 Grand Prix. Mathematically, the four pilots still claimed the title, but if you look at things realistically, only Sebastian Vettel was able to prevent Lewis Hamilton from becoming a five-time champion, who, if successful, would have become that same five-time champion. Then these two leaders were separated by only 40 points – the distance, which is played out for two races. But not everything was so simple.

General situation

Theoretically, the task of Vettel was completely simple – win all the remaining stages and take the crown. And this is the only deal that did not suit Hamilton. If Seb would have won only five wins, then Lewis is enough to finish second in all six Grand Prix. After Singapore, the Briton has gained an important strategic advantage over his rival, which allows him to avoid unnecessary risk and not to try to win at any cost. The German situation was completely opposite. He needs to go beyond the edge and in the qualifications, and in the race, and Sebastian, as we know, is able to make mistakes in less tense situations.

What was able to influence the balance of power? These were penalties for the replacement of engine components, strategic miscalculations and gatherings, but they are not particularly likely. Over the previous 15 stages, both contenders for the championship came down only once: Hamilton – due to technical problems in Austria, Vettel – due to his fault in Germany. In favor of Lewis spoke and the fact that “Mercedes” adheres to rigid command tactics, whereas in “Ferrari” Kimi Raikkonen for various reasons practically does not help his leader.

The fight for the title is over

Mercedes was stronger than Ferrari throughout the entire weekend and took a confident double, except that in the end, Valtteri Bottas had to add a little to protect himself from Max Verstappen. “Scuderia” still could not oppose anything, although a few weeks ago her car was considered the fastest, and for the summer break the team left almost the main contender for the title.

“The whole weekend the team was incredibly strong, and the double showed this power,” said after the finish Hamilton. “It’s the best track in the world, and I don’t understand why they don’t do it anymore.” Every second of arrival was great. The guys on the track and at the base have created a real beast! ” This is the sixth victory of the British. The gap, however, could be a little less – if Vettel had not deployed in the fight with Verstappen, he probably would have become the fifth, and, perhaps, would be ahead of Red Bull and climbed to the podium. “I was faster than Max. On the straight he lingered with the battery, I had a good way out, – explains the incident Vettel. – I saw the space and went there – I have to do this, and in such a situation it is normal to leave room for the opponent. And he did not leave.

Anyway, Cebu partly managed to minimize losses, and this turn was worth no more than seven points – a drop in the sea of ​​previously lost points. However, at the US Grand Prix if Hamilton won, Vettel would not save even third place, and in Austin only Lewis won in the entire turbo-hybrid era. And even if a German rescues a mathematical chance of a title in the States, in Mexico the question of a champion will probably be closed.

Rosberg VS Hamilton

The German pilot of the team “Mercedes” Nico Rosberg, who first became the champion of the “Formula 1” in 2016 unexpectedly announced his retirement. He informed the public about his decision at the official FIA Gala prize ceremony in Vienna.

“I decided to end my career in Formula 1.” Two previous years I lost to Lewis Hamilton, and these were very difficult moments for me. But they only added to my motivation. I invested in this season absolutely everything. It was very, very hard. I won and achieved my childhood dream. And I do not want to again devote myself so much to a new goal. Without a doubt, this year I showed a maximum in preparation and in official starts. I invested everything in the victory,” Rosberg emphasized, and added that one of the reasons for leaving was the desire to spend more time with the family.

At the end of November, Nico Rosberg won the 21st stage of the 2016 championship and formed his triumph. The German took revenge on his partner on the “stable” Lewis Hamilton for the defeat at the Yas Marina circuit in 2014 and became the 33rd champion of the “Royal Race”. This is only the second time in history when the son of the champion “F-1” repeats the success of his father. In 1982, Keke Rosberg, representing Finland, became the champion. And exactly twenty years ago, the title was won by Briton Damon Hill, the son of two-time winner of the “F-1” Graham Hill.

Three-time champion of the “Royal Race” Sir Jackie Stewart expressed his attitude to the decision of Nico Rosberg to finish his career after the first victory in his life. “I was surprised when I found out about Nico’s departure. But later I realized that he did fine. You can’t always stop when you’re at the top, but he succeeded. I had other reasons to complete my career, other circumstances. We do not know what was the relationship between Rosberg and Hamilton during the season, but hardly pleasant. When Rosberg won the title, he probably thought: “Why do I need these problems? Should I continue? ” Stewart said.

The Briton was one of those who criticized the actions of compatriot Hamilton in the final stage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lewis confidently led the race, in the end deliberately slowed down to substitute Rosberg under the attacks of Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Hamilton for the championship, it was necessary that Rosberg did not finish on the podium. In the end, the cunning plan of the British failed – Rosberg crossed the finish line second and for the first time in his career became the world champion.

“I think Hamilton behaved like a little ballerina. Toto Wolf, Niki Lauda and the management of the Mercedes are not stupid people. One person cannot threaten the interests of a huge multinational corporation. Sorry, but when you get paid 20-30 million pounds, you have to do what you were ordered. It doesn’t matter who you are. This is not the first time he went against the orders of the team, and if it continues, the team can get rid of Hamilton. He deserved a great reprimand. Another way is to pay a fine,” Jackie Stewart stressed.

Observers say that Rosberg was constantly under pressure – much more than you can imagine. He knew that he would not be able to replay this game, and if he lost, he may never become a champion. And when Niko realized that Lewis was holding him back, and in the mirrors he had already seen Vettel and Verstappen, there were many reasons for unrest. But he remained cool as much as it is generally possible in such circumstances.

“I don’t think I acted dishonestly. We fought for the championship, and I was in the lead in the race and controlled it. These are the rules. Am I annoyed by the comments of the management team? Not really. I do not understand just why we were not allowed to calmly fight on the track. I was hoping that Vettel will approach Rosberg, but his tires have worn out, and Niko did not make mistakes, – said Lewis. – As for the fight in the season, I did everything I could. Niko year turned out very clean, without technical problems with the car. Therefore, he is now a champion. Congratulations Nico! He did everything he had to do.”

The leaders of the Formula 1 team called the best pilot for the 2016 season. Top 10 according to the bosses of the teams headed by the driver of the Mercedes Lewis Hamilton. Dutchman Max Verstappen took the second place in the rating of the Red Bull racer, and Nico Rosberg from Mercedes won the first three of the champion of the 2016 season. By tradition, the chapters made their dozens, awarding pilots points for the current scoring system in the F1 race (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1). An important aspect was the anonymity of the survey.